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Friday, February 09, 2007

Going on a 'holiday'

Since I have been spending less time on the addictive Etsy I have found some of my inspiration for my creativity again, so I decided I will go on a 'holiday' to really find my inspiration, make up a storm, and actually sort and organize through ALL my things.

I am not sure for how long, but I certainly will be back before Christmas! :D

To everyone who has hearted (bookmarked) my Etsy store, thank you very much. I really appreciate the support. And remember, I WILL be back!!

Weekly I will blog about my adventure, and things that I made. :D

Comments on "Going on a 'holiday'"


Blogger janaina said ... (9:40 AM) : 


sad faces over here in etsyland


happy faces because you have found a tiny flame of inspiration and now you are ready to nurture it and watch it explode into something wonderful, unique, and beautiful, like you....

we like updates in etsyland though.



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