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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Swap with little miss Meshell!

A few weeks ago I traded with the fantastic Meshell, and it went, well, fantastic!

I studied her (cheating, of course - I used THIS), and came up with...

[photos stolen from her, due to my camera's memory card has been switched to lock, and the lock has broken off (!!!), so I was unable to take the photos. *sad*]

She mentioned in her swap info she likes anything related to CHILDHOOD, FAIRY TALES, and FOOD, so I thought these chocolates, and butterflies fitted

yellow roses because she likes FLOWERS, and I thought they were rather KITCHSY. RETRO bright hoops, and see those SILVER FINDINGS? :D

the colour theme was PINK, BLUE, and RED, with a touch of other colours.


And *gosh*, now look what I RECEIVED!

I especially like the yummy burgundy buttons,

the vintagy-look fancy running-writing fabric, vintage ladies cooking cupcakes fabric, the stunning freshcut fabric that I always wanted to own (always as in ever since I saw them a month ago. :P)

and of course, this extremely well made pouch, that I absolutely love. (It is *very* Renee ;).

This was seriously a bundle of joy. So many treasures, that I am probably too afraid to use :p.

Thank you so much, Meshell! This is one of the best trades I have ever done!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Part 1 - My Adventure

This is my cupboard where at the moment I put everything that has to go.

Top: two bowls full of zipper pulls, earrings on a white block, and between, you can hardly see this, but it is a big zip lock bag with drawstring bags that I don't really like. All of these have to go to a craft shop down town, hopefully Monday.

Second row: bubble envelope full of beads (mainly plastic), my old cheap tools that don't really work anymore, zip lock bags with beads and findings in them, BIG flat clear marbles, and on the far right are Etsy promos that are going to be sent out on Monday for a newsletter thing.

Bottom: beads I am returning, pretty jewellery stands that are starting to fray bad, mini folder, clothes.

On a side note: my Etsy store is still open, if anyone wants to buy anything. :p

Going on a 'holiday'

Since I have been spending less time on the addictive Etsy I have found some of my inspiration for my creativity again, so I decided I will go on a 'holiday' to really find my inspiration, make up a storm, and actually sort and organize through ALL my things.

I am not sure for how long, but I certainly will be back before Christmas! :D

To everyone who has hearted (bookmarked) my Etsy store, thank you very much. I really appreciate the support. And remember, I WILL be back!!

Weekly I will blog about my adventure, and things that I made. :D

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sorted through beads - EEKS! Who wants to trade?

I sorted through all my beads and findings, and I have got a heck of a lot I am getting rid. So you can get an idea of how much I am getting rid of, they are stuffed in a normal sized lunch box. :D Yes, a lot. Nooo, I am not a bead addicted. ;P

Anyways, so I want to trade! Are any of you guys interested? They are mainly plastic, but there are glass, stones, and metal all through it too. I can take a quick photo if you like, but there are probably too many beads to take a photo of them all.

You could tell me what kind of beads you like, how much we should set the trade to be, and I can come up with a package for you. :) (Or, you can trade for the whole darn lot!).

I am not really sure what I would like in return. I do have a dream of having a box full of little gifts to give to people, so when I need a gift, instead of going all the way to Perth (2 hour drive) I could go into the little box and get something. Sun/reading glass case? Key fobs? Oh, and it would be awesome if I could get a COTTEN black petticoat for my mum. Unfortunately, she cannot wear synthetic clothes, and it is impossible to get cotton petticoats here. I like a lot of things.

My e-mail is: renee-g[at!]westnet[d0t!]com

a photo of a small percentage of beads I am getting rid of

Sunday, January 28, 2007

imaginary outfit

Yay! *points below* I suppose you would call it my (for now, probably forever) imaginary outfit. I made it for a
neat new group out on flickr called Trousseaux To Treasure check it out to join in, or just to find out more about it.

Remember to click the image for better view and to find out where to get all this yummy stuff.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mmm... beads

This is a small selection of my brown beads.
Mmm... beads. Aren't they just so yummy? :D

Friday, January 12, 2007


I am in love with this wood-cut painting by Marrisa Lee, an artist in Bosten, United States.
Click here to go to her website, or click on the image to go directly to that picture. *sigh* I secectly want to buy this.


Haha, and when you buy it, you need matching earrings, right? No?! Oh, well, you should check these out anyways!

Click on the earrings for more infomation about them, or to buy them.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I love oriental things...

especially when they're vintage. These tea tins look like they have been beautifully oxidized with age. Of course, I had to put them on my bamboo mat! :p

Oooooh, and here are my Hong Bao Pod earrings. Asian inspired. They are made out of VINTAGE (woo hoo!) Czech glass pods.

For sale here. ;)