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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Swap with little miss Meshell!

A few weeks ago I traded with the fantastic Meshell, and it went, well, fantastic!

I studied her (cheating, of course - I used THIS), and came up with...

[photos stolen from her, due to my camera's memory card has been switched to lock, and the lock has broken off (!!!), so I was unable to take the photos. *sad*]

She mentioned in her swap info she likes anything related to CHILDHOOD, FAIRY TALES, and FOOD, so I thought these chocolates, and butterflies fitted

yellow roses because she likes FLOWERS, and I thought they were rather KITCHSY. RETRO bright hoops, and see those SILVER FINDINGS? :D

the colour theme was PINK, BLUE, and RED, with a touch of other colours.


And *gosh*, now look what I RECEIVED!

I especially like the yummy burgundy buttons,

the vintagy-look fancy running-writing fabric, vintage ladies cooking cupcakes fabric, the stunning freshcut fabric that I always wanted to own (always as in ever since I saw them a month ago. :P)

and of course, this extremely well made pouch, that I absolutely love. (It is *very* Renee ;).

This was seriously a bundle of joy. So many treasures, that I am probably too afraid to use :p.

Thank you so much, Meshell! This is one of the best trades I have ever done!